Customers now expect restaurants to charge their smartphones for them!

“For centuries, the premise of a bar or restaurant has been pretty simple; your customers arrive hungry, select what they want to eat and drink, and then pay for the food when they’re done. But current technology has completely revolutionised the dining experience and made waiter’s lives hell.”

With millions of people relying on their smartphones daily to stay in touch with family and friends and to do work on the move, battery draining has become such a universal problem that customers now expect restaurants to charge their smartphones for them.

Whilst this may not be a priority for your business, with 92% of the public reporting that they would panic if their phone died on them, we at iQi Charge would bet on it that phone charging is a priority for your customer.

The only solution to phone charging that restaurants presently offer are a stack of chargers plugged in behind the counter or bar. Whilst this does the job and keeps your customers connected it takes your waiter’s time and attention away from delivering and maintaining a high level of customer service.

But the problem does not end there….have you considered the cost implications of the ‘wasted’ time your staff spend charging customer’s smartphones? Have you considered who would be responsible if your staff damaged or dropped a customer’s smartphone? With reports that the new iPhone 6 bends and slips out of the hand because of its larger size, does your business really want to take on the risk of handling your customer’s new £600 iPhone 6?

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